Sligo farming official says there is no need for farmers to panic after the latest detection of BSE

A Sligo based farming official has urged farmers not panic the discovery of a recent BSE.


Gerard Pilkington is the Chairperson of the Irish Beef and Lamb association.


He says the developments will not inflict any serious damage on the demand for Irish beef.


The Sligo farmer made the comments after it emerged that Irish beef will not be available in China after a case of BSE was detected in an animal.



The new case was discovered after tests were carried out by Department of Agriculture vets on a deceased ten-year-old cow that had been delivered for destruction.



The Chinese market only opened back up to Irish farmers in January of this year following a three year lock out after the last BSE case was detected.


Speaking to Ocean FM news the Sligo farmer says there is still and adequate demand for Irish beef.