Gardai in North West to receive prestigious Garda Scott Medals for bravery

A number of Gardai in the North West are to be awarded Garda Scott medals for bravery.

The Garda Commissioner will host a ceremony to award deceased, retired and serving members of An Garda Síochána with the medals at Walter Scott House in Dublin tomorrow.

Four serving Gardai in Donegal are to receive the Silver Scott Medal for their efforts in the Glenties shooting incident in February 2020.

A male armed with a high velocity rifle was walking through the town and discharged a number of shots.

Front line uniform and plain clothes Gardaí responded to and contained the scene whilst coming under fire from the armed male.

The members subsequently arrested the male, who has been charged and convicted.
Sergeant Edward Griffin, Detective Garda Darren Carter, Detective Garda Enda Jennings, Garda Louis Browne are being awarded with the medals for their actions on that night.

Bronze Scott medals are being given to retired members Sergeant PJ Gallagher and Garda Thomas McGuiness for how they handled a hijacking incident in County Sligo in 1983.

Gardaí were on proactive anti-crime patrols in the Aughamore area when they came across a number of vehicles parked up in a rural layby late at night.

The two Gardaí were overpowered by a number of armed males and ordered at gunpoint to lie face down on the ground.

The members were bundled first into a van and then the boot of a car when they were driven towards Bawnboy, Co Cavan.

There, they were ordered into a second hijacked car and driven to Kilnaleck, Co Cavan where the car was abandoned.

The members successfully released themselves from the boot of the car and raised the

While a posthumous bronze medal is being awarded to Sergeant Daniel Kelleher for his actions during an incident in Ballinamore in County Leitrim In 1983.

In December of that year, Mr. Don Tidey, a prominent businessperson was abducted in Rathfarnham, County Dublin, by armed members of the IRA posing as members of An Garda Síochána.

When Mr. Tidey was in his twenty-third day of captivity a large search party of members of An Garda Síochána supported by Irish Army personnel assigned to the 58th battalion, based in Finner Camp, Co Donegal, were undertaking a search of a Drumcroman Wood, Derradda Ballinamore, Co Leitrim.

The IRA hideout was discovered and Mr. Don Tidey was released from capture.

During the course of the search Garda Gary Sheehan and Private Patrick Kelly were shot, fatally wounded and died at the scene.

Despite the active shooting and in full knowledge of the potential danger, Detective Garda Kelleher provided armed cover to other Garda members who were escorting Mr. Tidey to safety. A car then approached at high speed and a number of shots were discharged by the occupants of the car. This resulted in Detective Garda Kelleher being shot and injured in both legs.

Subsequently, three people were convicted relating to criminal charges arising from their involvement in the abduction of Mr. Tidey.