GAA to clamp down on competitive under-12 games

The GAA is set to clamp down and bring sanctions against those involved in providing any form of competition for players under the age of 12.

The Irish News reports that a Croke Park email to GAA units around the country stipulates that keeping, recording or publishing of scores, competitions, blitzes or events that involve knockout stages or the handing out of winners or runners up medals, trophies, awards or prizes will be sanctioned.

As it stands, all football and hurling games plated at under-12 level or below are under the banner of ‘Go Games’ which are intended to be non-competitive.

This ‘Go Games’ initiative has been in place for several years – and has been part of the GAA’s bid to tackle the practice of teams nurturing the best and neglecting the rest.

However, Croke Park claims that this non-competitive ‘ethos’ has been eroded in recent years – which is a factor in the Association’s apparent decision to clamp down on overly-competitive under-12 games and activity.

The Irish News reports that GAA clubs and counties will know been told that any club either hosting or attending a blitz for the under-12 age group or below will be required to make an online application to county’s Games Development Manager for approval.