Fresh calls for stalking to be criminalized in the Republic of Ireland

Police in the north say over 80 people have been arrested for alleged stalking in the first year since it became an offence there.

To mark National Stalking Awareness Week which begins in the province today, the PSNI has revealed that since new laws came into force last year, 88 people have been charged with stalking offences, 47 of them have been convicted.

A bill to criminalise stalking here is still before the Dail.

Statistics show victims will suffer up to 100 incidences before reporting it, and the PSNI is asking people not to ignore ‘red flags’.

Speaking to Ocean FM News, Sinn Fein MLA for Fermanagh South Tyrone, Jemma Dolan, says that a similar law should be brought in south of the border to make stalking a criminal offence.