Donegal TD fears massive homeless crisis after eviction ban is ended

A Donegal TD is claiming that the government’s refusal to reverse its decision to end the eviction ban will lead to levels of homelessness never before thought possible.


The Government were successful in defeating a Sinn Fein Motion which called for an extension on the no-fault evictions ban in the Dáil last night.


The Coalition won the Dáil vote by 83 by 68.


The Green Party  suspended for  Deputy Neasa Hourigan for 15 months and removed from her role as chair of the Budgetary Oversight committee after she voted against the Government in a Dail vote.

The Government manged to get additional support after striking a  deal with a group of independents.



Donegal Sinn Fein TD Pádraig Mac Lochlainn says his party will continue to oppose any attempts to lift the ‘no fault eviction ban