Local TD says vast majority of asylum seekers that receive deportation orders leave the country

A Sligo Leitrim TD says asylum seekers that have received deportation orders in this country would find it almost impossible to continue to live in Ireland if they fail to comply with deportation orders.


According to a Freedom of Information figures, the government has issued 4,631 deportation orders to failed asylum seekers in the last five years.


Only 314 were enforced by Gardaí, while in 430 other cases the Department of Justice helped people to self-deport.


That leaves 3,887 people who were issued deportations now unaccounted for.


Aontu leader Peadar Tobin says the government has to start enforcing the orders:




Deputy Martin Kenny is the Sinn Féin spokesperson on Justice.   he has moved to pour some degree of cold water on the story.


Deputy Kenny says the vast majority that receive deportation orders move out of Ireland and those that decide to stay and work illegally stand a very high chance of being detected.