Donegal Mica redress campaigner challenges councillors to secure payments for the people they represent

A Donegal Mica redress campaigner has called on all 37 Donegal county councillors to travel to Leinster House and demand the same level of redress payments for those impacted by Mica in Donegal be paid to homeowners at the same rate which was paid to those affected by the Pyrite condition in Leinster.


Paddy Diver has warned the elected representatives that their political careers are hanging in the balance over to what he says is their failure to secure adequate compensation for people they represent.


Mr Diver says any councillors not willing to take up the gauntlet will be named and shamed as a result.


The Donegal redress campaigner says a collective effort from the Donegal councillors is what’s needed to come to the rescue of the impacted homeowners in Donegal: