Save Our Beach at Castlegoland Campaign intensifies

The Save Our Beach at Castlegoland Campaign has intensified this week.


There is an ongoing dispute over right of way at the beach in Portnoo.


Yesterday, a mobile home was placed on the beach as a protest and part of the campaign for restoration of the public vehicular access right of way to the beach.


In a statement, the group says that for more than three years, the public has been denied access to the beach because of a locked gate unlawfully obstructing the public right of way.


They say that Castlegoland Beach is a wonderful, much-valued amenity for the local community, and for visitors and tourists alike.


The placement of the caravan has been described as a statement that the beach belongs to us all, and we are determined to see that full and free public access to the beach is restored.


The group is calling on Donegal County Council to act immediately to ensure that all public rights of way to Castlegoland Beach are fully and permanently restored.