Police in Fermanagh issue crime prevention advice to farmers

As we enter the Christmas period, Police in Fermanagh are issuing a timely reminder of some key safety pointers for your agriculture and plant machinery.


These high value machines are essential to the day-to-day operating of farms and businesses and so it is important they are protected and as secure as possible.


There are a few measures owners and operators can take to make their sites, plant and equipment less attractive to criminals.


Police are recommending owners and operators to consider the following advice:


Store your equipment, machinery and vehicles in a locked and alarmed building. Ideally secure machinery with heavy duty chains and padlocks to other equipment or fixed points when they are not in use.

Install CCTV with remote monitoring functions

Lock all vehicles when not in use and remove keys/battery or distributer cap where possible.

Fit anti-theft devices such as alarms, immobilisers and tracking systems.

Plant and machinery should be marked with at least two identification marks – some options include postcode stamped/engraved (internally) postcode sprayed/painted externally.

Consider the use of the Cesar/Datatag electronic marking scheme for your high value equipment. It uses state-of-the-art identification technologies to permanently mark and protect your property. This is Police Service-approved scheme and for more information see https://crowd.in/SuSABt

Ensure the boundary to the farm or site is in good condition with no holes/gaps/vulnerable areas.

The gates to your farm or site should be securely mounted and locked with heavy duty chains and padlocks.

Consider erecting warning signage such as No Trespass/Guard dog/Alarm/CCTV signs at the entrance to the farm or site.

Establishing a local Neighbourhood Watch Scheme can also be a very useful tool in deterring criminals, as can vigilant and aware communities.

If you see plant or machinery moving at unusual times, particularly in the hours of darkness in circumstances you feel are suspicious, give police a call – we will be are happy to check this out, rather than miss an opportunity to catch a criminal.