Councillor Taylor predicts changes to Planning and Development bill will result in more houses being constructed

A Sligo Councillor says he hopes changes to Planning and Development Bill will lead to more houses being constructed in the north west.


It’s expected that fewer people will be able to take judicial reviews of planning decisions, under new changes set to overhaul Ireland’s planning authority.


Cabinet Ministers are expected to approve the Planning and Development Bill later, which will also see An Bord Pleanála renamed the ‘Planning Commission’.


Under the plans, council’s will be given more powers when making planning decisions and the ability to acquire more vacant properties through compulsory purchase orders.


The ‘Planning Commission’ will have to adhere to set timelines when making decisions, or they could face being fined.


Sligo Councillor Paul Taylor says it’s time for the planning legislation to be examined and reformed.  He says planning decisions should be made locally and be fair to those looking to build once off homes of badly needed developments.