How the mystery of missing Donegal man was solved

The mystery of the disappearance of a Donegal man has been solved following a major 30 year Garda investigation.


Paul McGinty from Mountcharles disappeared without a trace from Coventry in April 1991.


Mr Ginty initially emigrated to England in the 1960s and in 1991, he paid his last rent in Coventry and disappeared without a trace.


Nobody knew what became of Paul after that, until this week.


It emerged that Paul went to Ireland and died shortly after arriving into the country.


His body was found in County Meath and buried in an unmarked grave.


In the years that followed, an intense cold case Garda review ensued including a TV appeal on RTE which included a reconstructed of an image of what the man might have looked like.


Michael Leonard, who knew Paul from home and from visiting Coventry was watching the appeal that night.


Speaking to Ocean FM, Mr Leonard has been outlining how he helped crack the case:



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