Aid package announced for Shass Mountain farmers

Landowners in Drumkeeran who were impacted by the landslide over two years ago are to finally receive compensation.


Agriculture Minister Charlie McConalogue has announced an aid package to support affected farmers.


The event happened on 28th June 2020.


In a statement, Minister McConalogue described the bog slide at Drumkeeran as a traumatic event for people locally, undermining livelihoods and causing serious and irreversible ecological damage.


The Minister says lessons must be learned from such events and the reports commissioned should inform all future land use proposals on sensitive soils and habitats.


The package will provide financial support to those landowners whose agricultural lands were inundated with peat silt and sludge as a consequence of the overspill caused by the landslide.


Support will also be provided for fencing and gateways on agricultural land affected by the landslide.


Farmers will be able to qualify for payments of up to a maximum of €20,000 each.


For the owners of forestry affected by the landslide, funding is being provided for the replenishing of affected forest areas as part of the aid package.