Where has it gone? Minister claims SF Alternative Budget has disappeared

The Finance Minister has claimed that Sinn Fein’s Alternative Budget has not been available on party’s website in recent days.


The claim was made in the Dail this morning during a discussion on the concrete levy.


It’s after Donegal Sinn Fein TD Pearse Doherty issued a further warning that the levy will have a negative impact on building costs.


The levy has been reduced by 5% and is set to be introduced in September next year.


Deputy Doherty says there’s clear evidence that it will be detrimental to those looking to build and buy houses:


Defending the levy, Minister Pascal Donohoe says while he stands over the rebuilding of Mica homes, there will be consequences.


Minister Donohoe also claimed that Sinn Fein’s Alternative Budget has disappeared off the party’s website: