Sligo University Hospital ranked third most overcrowded facility so far this year

Sligo University Hospital has been ranked the third most overcrowded facility so far this year.


Since the beginning of the year, a total of 6,919 people have went without a bed at the hospital.


Nationally, that number stands at 100,195 with the INMO issued a warning that this is the earliest that this high number of admitted patients has ever been recorded.


The five worst-hit hospitals so far this year are:


  1. University Hospital Limerick 15,322
  2. Cork University Hospital 10,107
  3. Sligo University Hospital 6,919
  4. St Vincent’s University Hospital 6,359
  5. Letterkenny University Hospital 5,366


The trade union has called for a four-pronged approach to tackle overcrowding and the recruitment and retention crisis:

  1. a) The cancellation of non-urgent elective care in public hospitals and use of private hospitals for this work
  2. b) The introduction of retention measures including provision of accommodation for essential workers such as nurses and midwives particularly in rent pressure zones
  3. c) Legislation to underpin the implementation of the safe staffing and skill mix framework
  4. d) Prioritisation of funding for public delivered long term care in the community