Donegal GP claims overcrowding in emergency departments is leading to cancellation of hospital appointments

A Donegal GP is claiming that overcrowding in emergency departments is leading hospital appointments being cancelled.


According to Freedom of Information figures almost 110-thousand hospital appointments have been cancelled in hospitals across the country this year.


The number at Sligo University Hospital is 1.265 which is made up of 98 inpatient and 1,167 outpatient.


At Letterkenny 105 inpatient appointments were cancelled with no number available for the number of cancellations for outpatient.


The HSE says there are several reasons why hospital inpatient and outpatients appointments are cancelled.


They could be called off by a consultant or patient, or because there’s no bed available.


Many have been cancelled due to industrial action, storms, or a cyber-attack – while thousands didn’t go ahead earlier this year, because of a surge in Covid-19.


In total, just over 6,000 inpatient admissions have been cancelled this year, and nearly 104,000 outpatient appointments.

Donegal GP Ciarán Ó Fearraigh says hospitals are struggling to cope with demand.