Housing Minister takes swipe at Sinn Fein over upcoming Mica Scheme

The Housing Minister has been pressed for a timeline as to when the legislation for the enhanced Mica Redress Scheme will be published and if there will be a pre-legislative scrutiny.


The full Mica Bill is expected to be brought before Cabinet on Tuesday next May 31st.


This issue was raised this afternoon in the Dail by Sinn Fein TD Pearse Doherty.


Deputy Doherty also asked would the upcoming scheme provide genuine 100% redress:



Responding, Housing Minister Dara O’Brien says he asked Sinn Fein for the input to the scheme but the party failed to submit a response, despite saying publicly they would do so.


Minister O’Brien also says the Bill is in the final stage of preparation and that the scheme will be a substantial improvement to the one which was previously in place: