Mixed reaction to latest Mica Redress

The redress scheme for homeowners affected by the Mica scandal may have to be extended to other parts of the country.

Government last night signed off on a compensation scheme which would see around 7,500 homeowners affected by the defective building blocks, receive 100% of the cost of rebuilding their homes, up to a limit of 420 thousand euro per property.


Most of the defective homes are in Co. Donegal, however the Irish Times quotes an unpublished report from the expert group investigating Mica that states engineers are reporting similar issues in other counties.


Reacting to the news a short while ago Donegal Independent TD Thomas Pringle says it is early to say for certain if this latest offer of redress will be enough to deal with the damages caused by Mica in the County.



Sligo Drumcliff Independent Councillor Marie Casserly has in the past called for  impacted houses across the county of Sligo to be included in the scheme.