Killybegs fish weighing dispute having severe economic consequences for region

The row over the weighing of fish in Killybegs is adversely affecting the economy of south Donegal, with 239 households directly impacted as well as up to 300 workers and 1,773 work days lost for seasonal workers.

The affect of the dispute is revealed in a survey carried out by the the Irish Fish Processors and Exporters Association of its members and the wider communities supported by the fish processing sector

The IFPEA found that 239 households are directly affected by the turning away of vessels from Killybegs.

That is impacting up to 300 seasonal workers directly with to date 1,773 working days lost by them collectively.

The IFPEA says this is a devastating blow to seasonal workers, who have witnessed their duration of work already eroded due to Brexit/TCA cuts in fish quota.

The association says if Killybegs cannot function in line with all other EU Fishery Harbours or ports, it is being placed at a complete competitive disadvantage due to unfair interpretation of EU rules and regulations by a combination of the Department of Marine and the SFPA.

And this, the IFPEA says, will definitely lead to job losses and further devastating impacts for the wider community.

It adds that when everyone is factored in, it is even more stark, affecting every sector — from net makers, electronics, marine service for vessels and engineering, right down to the local shops and restaurants.