Sligo Councillor warns missed broadband connections is impacting the potential of the region

The ongoing difficulties that the National Broadband plan is having when it comes to connecting homes and business is a major factor in many rural towns and villages struggling to attract commercial businesses and potential residents.


Those are the views of a Sligo Councillor who expressed his disappointment that just over 40 thousand homes were passed by the end of March, under the National Broadband Plan.


Sinn Fein have been provided with updated figures from National Broadband Ireland which also confirm that the target for connecting homes the end of the year, has been slashed to 102,000 from 205,000.


Sligo Drumclifff Councillor Thomas Healy says high speed broadband is vital when it comes to reviving the fortunes of many towns and villages in counties like Sligo.  He says without high speed internet coverage the challenge of attracting people becomes more difficult.