Report into the murder of Denis Donaldson expected to be published this week

The results of the investigation into the murder of a former Sinn Fein official that worked as a British agent for 20 years and was murdered in Glenties Is expected to be published this week.



Denis Donaldson and was shot and killed in Glenties, Co. Donegal on the 4th April 2006.


The former IRA prisoner fled to a remote cottage by the village owned by his family after being exposed as an MI5 and Police agents four months earlier; no one has been charged.


His family allege PSNI officers were involved in a criminal conspiracy to expose him as an informer and create the circumstances for him to be killed.


Responsibility for the murder was claimed by group known as the Real IRA three years after the shooting which was not accepted by his family.


RTE are reporting that the results of the investigation into his murder will be reported this week.


The family lodged a statement of complaint about the killing with the Police Ombudsman in November 2007.

The Police Ombudsman at the time, Al Hutchinson, said there had been no police misconduct.


His successor, Dr Michael Maguire, had the case reopened in January 2013 due to a journal written by Denis Donaldson that was believed to have contact details of a PSNI Special Branch officer.


Gardaí have refused several requests from Dr Maguire and the Donaldson family and their lawyers to return the journal, saying they would not do so for reasons of “national security”.


The current Ombudsman, Marie Anderson, will publish the findings of the long-running inquiry on Friday.