Hidden Worlds

Hidden Worlds sees Ocean FM out and about across beautiful pockets of North West Ireland uncovering the inspiring variety of life that we share our spaces with, whether we are letting off steam at the beach, river or forest, bustling through town or out in the fields. So slow down a little and take a breath to marvel at the ordinary places, often overlooked, where plants and creatures thrive, regardless of our daily concerns.

Forests – Hidden Worlds
This week on Hidden Worlds we forage through the foliage of our local forest habitats. We visit The Glen on the side of Knocknarea with Saoirse O’Donoghue, visit Trisha McLoughlin at the woodland school in Cleveragh and take a woodland wander by the Duff River with Shailagh Healy.

Coasts – Hidden Worlds
We are lucky in the North West to have the awesome Atlantic on our doorsteps and today we will be skimming along different parts of our coast with Declan Feeney, Bill Crowe, Fionn Murphy and Easkey Britton, discovering all the varied and tenacious life connected with this habitat and how it contributes to both our health and wealth.

Urban Spaces – Hidden Worlds
Today, Declan Feeney of IT Sligo, Michael Bell of Nature Learn, Trisha McLaughlin in the Sligo Woodland School and the children of Cranmore Co-op are going to lead us on a journey through Sligo’s streets and parks to see how birds, plants, and insects can thrive in some of our busiest spaces. You might be surprised to discover how much life lies cheek by jowl with us as we hurry through our lives.

Grasslands – Hidden Worlds
Today Hidden Worlds is going to investigate the power of our grasslands and consider them as a way for supporting life beyond that of merely grazing for cattle. We will get an insight into some innovative and imaginative thinking about how we use and value our grasslands from Leitrim farmer and ecologist, Dolores Byrne and later on we will also hear from Lorraine O’Donnell of Inland Fisheries Ireland.

Rivers – Hidden Worlds
Hidden Worlds is taking to the river to explore another aquatic habitat. Lorraine O’Donnell of Inland Fisheries Ireland gives us a comprehensive overview of our river systems. We meet her colleague Paul Condon by the gushing, rushing stream at Slish Wood in Co. Sligo and take a little break with Shailagh Healy to soak up the wonder of our rivers.

Soil – Hidden Worlds
We explore a world that is truly hidden from us – the life that lies beneath the ground, in our soils. We visit the Tattie Hoaker organic farm in North Sligo and speak to soil scientist Aga Piwowarczyk who is passionate about the microscopic life that lies under the ground. And we take in the beautiful Glencar Valley with Cáit Coyle, lecturer in Earth Sciences at IT Sligo.

Gardens – Hidden Worlds
Hidden Worlds looks at all the different ways that any of us can make space for wildlife in our own area – whether that’s a small window box, a humble back garden or a few hillside acres. The experts that have joined us throughout the series are returning to offer a few simple ideas for ways that we can encourage life – from the tiniest of organisms to bigger winged, furry or spikey creatures.