Local Councillor not surprised by low levels of revenue collected on vacant sites & buildings

Concerns have been raised over the low amount of revenue being collected by councils on derelict site levies and vacant commercial buildings.



Only 378-thousand euro was recouped by local authorities on derelict sites, last year despite 12.5 million euro being owed.


It’s been claimed that councils don’t have the resources to collect the money and they’re not being encouraged or pushed to do so.



last year’s figures show that eight councils that sought to impose the levy failed to collect any income from it and that 13 local authorities did not impose any levy at all.


The information was provided to Sinn Féin TD Thomas Gould, who said the figures involved are “not just disappointing, they are scandalous”.


“Right across this State there are potential homes left to rot,” he said.


Under the Derelict Sites Act, councils can apply the levy, which requires owners to take appropriate measures to deal with the dereliction, or attempt to acquire sites by agreement or compulsorily.



Manorhamilton Municipal District Councillor, Padraig Fallon says a pilot scheme for the restoration of vacant properties would be a better way to address the housing crisis.


The Sinn Fein Councillor says it’s no major surprise that a small amount has been collected on derelict sites and vacant buildings.