Government accused of window dressing & attempting to divide Mica groups

The Sligo Pyrite Action Group have described the compensation scheme for homeowners affected by mica and pyrite as “window dressing” and “an attempt to divide the campaign”


The Group’s PRO Thomas Healy says families affected have gone through torture but manged to stick together up until now.


Whereas he welcome the concession on making allowance for rent and storage he says the overall scheme has failed to deliver on what was indicated prior to this week’s announcement.


The Sligo Drumcliff County Councillor says the sliding scale compensation will leave many impacted with condition with substantial bills


The Sligo Pyrite PRO feels it is unfair that the government are claiming that all those impacted will be receiving 420,000 euro which is not factually correct.   The group have expressed the fear that this is a tactic to turn public opinion against the home owners.


Cllr Healy says those impacted in counties such as Sligo, Donegal and Mayo should be entitled to the same terms and conditions that those in the east of the country were afforded.


He concluded that  all homeowners want is for their homes to be replaced to the size and standard that they were original constructed to.