Cancellation of express service has left passengers stranded in Dublin & Donegal

The Cancellation of an express bus service has left passengers stranded in Dublin & Donegal.


A Donegal Councillor is describing as ‘unacceptable’ the service being provided on the route.



Cllr Noel Jordan says the ‘30-30 express’ which runs from Donegal to the capital has recorded 183 cancellations over the past two years.


109 cancellations were reported last year, while so far this year 74 cancellations have taken place.


The Mountcharles based public representative  says that some of the cancellations occurred at the last minute, were not advertised, and left passengers stranded in both Dublin and in Donegal.


The Sinn Féin Councillor says the decision not to hire relief drivers is a contributing factor to the disruption in the service.