Pringle unhappy with ‘inadequate’ budget

A Donegal TD has accused the Government of continuing to cater to the private sector in Budget 2022.


He also claims that the fact that the Mica Redress scheme was not a major part of yesterday’s budget was an insult to the families impacted.


Reacting in the Dáil to yesterday’s budget Independent TD for Donegal, Thomas Pringle says the Government’s failure to include its plans for mica redress in the budget is not acceptable.

Deputy Pringle said the document stated that funding for the remediation of homes affected by defective concrete blocks has been increased to €40 million. He says if this is all the funding that will be allocated to these families then it is not nearly enough to provide them with the 100 per cent redress



The Donegal TD also hit out at the government for continuing to allow essential services to be privatised.


Deputy Pringle says the rollout of broadband to areas like Donegal is ample evidence of such moves not working