Sligo Leitrim Mountain Rescue Team issue warning for mountain climbers

Members of the Sligo Leitrim Mountain Rescue team are highlighting the dangers associated with hill climbing this morning following the death of a man yesterday in Sligo.


The man lost his life after falling from cliffs at Gleniff Horseshoe in North Sligo.


His body was recovered yesterday evening by members of Sligo Mountain Rescue under Annacoona Cliffs.


The victim fell approximately 200 meters from a ledge.


A second person was rescued, understood to be a 27-year-old female Spanish national.


It’s believed that the couple were visiting Sligo for the weekend.


Sligo Mountain Rescue was assisted in the operation by Donegal Mountain Rescue and by the Rescue 118 helicopter.


Alan Sayers from Sligo Mountain Rescue has been telling OceanFM that yesterday’s rescue was a complex one and he is  also pleading with those thinking of embarking on mountain climbing exhibitions to research the area they are going to and to realise the extent of their climbing ability and experience.