Lack of business experience at cabinet level reflected in indoor dining postponement

The lack of business experience around the cabinet table is a major contributing factor in the disastrous way the government has handled the indoor dining fiasco.


Those are the views of Leitrim Councillor and Publican, Felim Gurn.


Cllr. Gurn says the latest postponement of indoor dining from the scheduled date of July 5th will have devastating effects on pubs and restaurants that were planning to return to indoor dining on Monday next.


The Independent Councillor says the government seems to be oblivious to the impact the latest delay will have on businesses owners and staff employed in the hospitality sector.



Speaking to OceanFM’s Claire Ronan, Seamus Thomson head chef at Knox restaurant on oconnell street in sligo is calling on the government to clarify the case numbers and is concerned that the organisation of the new covid pass will cause further delays on the reopening and is asking for a definite plan for the return of indoor dining

Antonio Secondino owner of the Rugantino group of restaurants in Sligo says he is disillusioned after yesterdays announcement and is concerned about his unvaccinated staff.

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