Re-opening of Indoor dining to be delayed


The news that the hospitality sector right across the north west was dreading moved a step closer to becoming a reality last night.


The re-opening of indoor dining will be delayed by at least two weeks after a late-night meeting of Ministers last night.


It also now seems likely that younger age groups are also set to be given a choice of what vaccine they will take.



After some stark figures were given by NPHET the cabinet sub-committee has agreed to delay the planned re-opening of indoor dining, likely until at least July 19th.


However, it’s unclear whether the industry will fully re-open even then.


Ministers discussed a vaccine bonus and only allowing fully vaccinated people to dine indoors, on advice from NPHET.


It was a recommendation they weren’t expecting and some Ministers have admitted it will be a logistical nightmare for many businesses to track.


NPHET warned of a potential large spike in cases and increased deaths due to the Delta variant – however, Ministers say this was a worst-case scenario forecast.


Cabinet also accepted NIAC advice to allow under the 40s to be given the AstraZeneca and Johnson and Johnson vaccines.


However, for the first time, those age groups will have a choice of what vaccine they get and can opt for the mRNA options instead, subject to supply issues.


It essentially means many people could be vaccinated sooner, and those not comfortable with the small clotting risks associated with the Astra or J&J vaccines can wait a little longer for an alternative.