MacSharry: ‘If Nazis had as many bollards in France on D-Day as are in Strandhill, God knows what outcome of war would have been’

A Sligo/Leitrim TD has lashed out at what he called the ‘lack of alignment’ and contradictions when it comes to various government policies, including in relation to housing, business development and opening up the economy after the pandemic.

Speaking in the Dail this afternoon, Fianna Fail Deputy Marc MacSharry hit out at the Chief Medical Officer for criticising people who were out and about last weekend, despite them having been told to have ‘an outdoor summer.’

Deputy MacSharry asked: “Where do we expect people to go?”

He says there are currently so many bollards at the sea front in Strandhill in County Sligo that if the Nazis had done it in France on D-day, God knows what the outcome of the war would be.

He also slammed the contradictions in policy when it comes to housing;

And he hit out at the banks for ‘not supporting lending rules’ for housing, as well as calling for zoning and development plans around the country to be looked at.