Mica protests staged to highlight the plight of impacted home owners

Homeowners impacted by Mica and Pyrite reiterated their calls at protests over the weekend in Donegal and Mayo for 100% cent of damage caused to their homes to be covered by a national redress fund.


Thousands of people took to the streets of Ballina, Letterkenny and Buncrana on Saturday in protest which were staged to highlight the issue.


Whereas the condition has been known about in Donegal for some time it is now also a major issue in West Sligo and North Mayo.


The North Mayo Pyrite Group coordinated the protest in Ballina on Saturday.


Barbra Clinton is a spokesperson for the group, she says the event drew support from a number of counties including Sligo:



Barbra Clinton says the number of people joining their group is growing on a daily basis.

She is urging those in Sligo to make sure they continue to lobby public representatives: