Sligo in top five counties for parking tickets during pandemic

Sligo was among the top five counties in the country when it came to issuing parking tickets during the Covid pandemic.

Leitrim issued no parking fines while Donegal suspended enforcement.

Between March last year and April this year, 3,523 parking fines were issued in Sligo.

Despite being high in comparison to other counties during the pandemic, it was much lower than for the same period for the year before, when 5,335 fines were issued.

1,538 were issued in Donegal . . . that compares to more than 5,000 the previous year.

No ticket was issued in Leitrim after the council there waived parking charges in an effort to support local business.

According to an analysis by the Irish Independent of parking fines issued during the pandemic, Sligo was among five counties that issued the most tickets per 100,000 of the population between March 2020 and April 2021.

That was despite Sligo not carrying out parking enforcemen between March 28th 2020 and June 8th 2020.

Sligo County Council told Ocean FM News this was not because the fines were ‘waived’ but because traffic staff were seconded to the HSE for that period.

Donegal and Cavan were among five counties that issued the lowest number of tickets, the figure for Cavan having been 618.

Donegal saw a big drop in parking tickets issued after suspending the enforcement of pay and display offences between the end of March and June.

Overall throughout the country, local authorities issued more than €6.6m in fines despite three lockdowns having been imposed.