Agri Week: Importation of lamb meat from UK. Dog Poo testing in Leitrim & Driver theory tests for agri contractors

01.11 Sheep farmers and farm officials have strongly criticised the import of lamb by Irish Country Meats (ICM), which is claimed is a clear attempt to undermine prices for sheep farmers. Kevin Comiskey a local farmer and a member of teh national sheep committee discusses the development.

07.11 Leitrim County Council are introducing DNA testing this week to identify dog owners who neglect to pick up dog waste deposited by their pets on streets, parks, walking trails and housing estates.

The Leitrim Animal Warden will take samples of dog waste in areas with high levels of dog fouling and using DNA, match the samples with saliva samples taken from dogs in the same area. The technology will also be used to identify dogs that attack livestock. James Madden is the Leitrim Council Vet, he explains how the project will work

16.49 Farm officials in the north west are urging the minister for transport to allow candidates to take their driver theory rest remotely.

The IFA say that there are many essential workers who need to secure a Category B and/or W Driver Licence in order to deliver essential services on farms during the summer, and as part of employment with agricultural contractors. Kathleen Henry tells the Agri Week show how the agri sector need these workers that need to pass theory tests.