Beyond the Wall – Sligo Jail


What could our National heroes Michael Collins and Michael Davitt have in common with an eight year old girl, countless drunken men and women and Matthew Phibbs, the notorious Ballymote Slasher? The answer lies in Sligo Gaol, an astonishing building that remains hiding in plain sight in the heart of Sligo Town.

Take a walk through the rarefied world of Sligo Gaol where two centuries of Sligo’s past pushes through into the modern day. Join us to explore beyond the prison wall where national history brushes against the unnoticed stories of the poor, the desperate and the radical from among our own people.

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In programme one of Beyond the Wall we explore the fascinating insights that the Jail gives into all shades of life in Sligo during the nineteenth century and get a flavour of the atmosphere of this enigmatic building.


Part Two of Beyond the Wall explores how the corridors and cells of the Gaol played a part in some of the most influential characters and events in our national history.