A resilient performace for Aurivo in 2020

Aurivo have published their financial figures for 2020.  Despite challenges such as Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic the North based Co-op published strong returns for the year.

Aurio have recorded a record sales turnover of 488.7 million euro for the financial year which ended on December 31st.


Aurivo increased their sales turnover by 9.4% compared to the figure of 2019.

The North West based Co-op reduced their debt to 2.2 million from 18.8 million.


The CEO of Aurivo Donal Tierney paid tribute to all their employees and suppliers and confirmed that their milk pool expanded by 5.5% in 2020.


The company recorded a Gross profit of 92,250 euro.

The Consumer Foods business unit increased sales by 1.9% on 2019 and delivered a sales turnover of 96.9 million euro.

The liquid milk plant in Kilgordon in Donegal processed 110 million litres of milk in 2020, this represented a increase of 1 million litres compared to the 2019 production figure.


Aurivo stores were designated as essential retail during the pandemic and the Agribusiness of the company increased sales by 11.2%.


Not surprisingly Mart turnover was down by 2.4% due mainly to the Covid restrictions.

Raymond Barlow was elected chairman of Aurivo last November. He says the Co-op has a robust efficient and sustainable business model which will deliver for shareholders suppliers and customers for years to come  :