Vaccination preparations ‘a disaster and a disgrace,’ insists MacSharry

A Sligo/Leitrim TD is lashing out at government over what he says is its failure to prepare adequately for Covid vaccinations, describing it as ‘a disaster and a disgrace.’

In the Dail yesterday evening, Fianna Fail Deputy Marc MacSharry said people in the north who were not in nursing homes and who were not healthcare professionals were already getting the vaccine.

A new rapid test for Covid-19 is rolling out to all hospital Trust Emergency Departments across the North in the coming week.

Meanwhile, Britain is planning for 24-hour mass vaccinations.

Deputy MacSharry accused the EU of having ‘failed miserably’ in getting adequate supplies of vaccinations for member states, adding that all this was happening at the same time as it was being portrayed here that good progress was being made in rolling out the vaccine.

He pointed out he was not blaming frontline healthcare professionals.