New Co funded initiative enhances O’Connell Street in Sligo

A unique regional initiative entitled ‘Europe is my region’ which is a collaboration between the European Union and the north west will aim to highlight unique places and initiatives which are located in the north west.

This celebration of events will run up until December 9th.

Locally the focus of the campaign is Sligo’s O’Connell Street new pedestrian priority zone.

With assistance from the EU this historic street has no more space than ever which in turn has led to accessible and attractive town centre in Sligo.

Recent upgrade works under the scheme include widened pavements, landscaping and the addition of street furniture.

As a result of the initiative traffic volumes have also been reduced and the dedicated cycle lane has also been introduced along with parking for disabled visitors.

Initial estimated costs for the project is €2.5m, of which the EU financed €1.25m through the European Regional Development Fund. The revised estimated cost for the Project (Phase 01 and Phase 02 combined) is €4.504m.

For more on this you can visit the website