MacSharry blasts Martin over his handling of Varadkar controversy

A Sligo Leitrim TD has branded the Taoiseach a ‘disgrace’ over his handling of the Leo Varadkar controversy.


At a Fianna Fail parliamentary party meeting last night, Micheal Martin was told there’s ‘palpable anger’ among members seeing him out as the ‘chief flag flyer’ for the Tánaiste.

In a scathing attack at last night’s meeting, Sligo/Leitrim TD Marc MacSharry said he was ‘beyond disgust’ at the Taoiseach’s defence of Leo Varadkar, who he described as ‘the sacred cow’.


The Sligo/Leitrim TD said there wasn’t ‘a six year old in the country’ who couldn’t see through the Tánaiste’s ‘fairy tale account’ for leaking a confidential IMO contract to a rival GP union.


Deputy MacSharry criticised Micheal Martin for throwing Barry Cowen and Darragh Calleary ‘under the Bus’ and claimed the Taoiseach’s ‘obsession’ with Sinn Fein and the troubles handed them hundreds of thousands of votes they were never getting back.


He then accused his leader of being the cause of the party’s poor polling rating.


Former Agriculture Minister Barry Cowen also voiced his frustration at the Taoiseach for not get treated in the same way as the Tánaiste.