Dow owners warned to aware of where their pet are

Dog owners across the North West have been warned by the Gardaí to be aware of the whereabouts of their dogs at all times.


The warning has been issued after a number of dog attacks on livestock over the past three months.


Since March Gardaí have been contacted on almost 50 occasions regarding dog attacks on farm animals throughout Ireland.


In one incident in Co. Leitrim a dog attacked seven sheep on a farm.


The owner had to pay damages to the farmer and the dog then had to be put down.


In another incident in Co. Meath, a farmer shot two dogs after they killed six sheep and injured two more.


Gardaí have now issued an appeal for owners to control their pets.


Gardaí have confirmed that dog owners could be held liable for damages and face prosecution, and that farmers are also within their right to shoot any dog that attacks their livestock.