More unrest in local Fianna Fáil circles

Another Sligo Fianna Fail has questioned the party’s decision to enter into Government with Fine Gael and the Green Party.


Ballymote/Tubbercurry Councillor Paul Taylor is the latest party member to question how the proposed collation with impact on the fortunes of the party in the future.


Cllr Taylor says that local Councillors were not consulted prior to any Government talks and excluding a Sinn Fein party that had secured 37 seats in this year’s general election was a major mistake:




The involvement of the Green Party in the new Government collation is also something that Councillor Taylor would have concerns with, he says Green policies do not represent the views of rural Ireland.  Cllr Taylor feels that Fianna Fail could also suffer a backlash in future elections for supporting such a administration that would be seen to be anti-rural in any way.