Students Union to liaise with St Angela’s over students complaints

The president of the Students Union at St Angela’s College in Sligo says the union regards complaints by some students about stress while on school placements as a welfare issue.


It follows the launch of an online petition seeking support for an effort to highlight what is said to be the pressure endured by some students while on placements.


St Angela’s College itself has said it fully recognises that teaching practice can be stressful for some students.


It added that if students had issues, there are protocols within the College that should be followed.


The college has also said that it has no comment to make on the petition, as it wasn’t initiated by a registered student of the College.


Students’ Union President Joe Redahan has described it as an external petition but says his priority is to liaise with students and to then contact the college administration, with the aim of improving the experience of students on placement.