Cuts to transport will effect the elderly and disabled – Kenny

Recent cuts to local transport services in Leitrim are having an adverse effect on elderly people and those with disabilities.

That’s according to Sligo Leitrim General election candidate Martin Kenny.

Deputy Kenny has added that the cuts amounted to an attack on the most vulnerable members of society.

The Sinn Fein spokesperson on Justice and equality says the Local Link transport service has offered a new life to people in rural areas, allowing them to access medical appointments, carry out financial transactions and go to social events, in a way that would have been impossible without the service.

However It has now emerged that under the new operators, routes are now up for tender and this may result in cuts to so-called ‘non viable’ routes.

Deputy Kenny says any withdrawal of Local Link services is unacceptable and any services that have been cut should be restored for services such as hospital runs.