Leitrim councillor says some people in north west ‘living in fear’ due to spate of burglaries

A recent spate of burglaries throughout the north west has left many people living in fear for their safety, that’s according to a local County Councillor and business person that has recently been a victim of a burglary herself.

Drumkeerin based Fianna Fail Councillor, Mary Bohan, has for a long time been very vocal on the closure of Garda stations in rural areas such as her own town.

Last week she witnessed first-hand the devastating effects of crime when she was the victim of a break in at her home and the post office she runs in the north Leitirm town:

Mary Bohan has fought the closure of local Garda stations for a number of years, however she feels it’s an uphill battle. Councillor Bohan feels the ‘smart policing policy’ is quite simply no substitute for having garda presence on ground.

Mary Bohan is well aware how media coverage afforded to criminal activity causes panic in many rural areas in particular, however she is still eager to ensure that the people of the north west are aware of the threat of criminal activity and take the necessary precautions to ensure you are protected to the highest possible standard.