Southampton to take part in Sligo Super Cup

The Sligo Super Cup will host a Premier League team for the first time in 2020.

The highly-rated Southampton academy is sending their under-12 team to compete in the tournament, which will be in it’s fourth year next April.

It’s not the first time a big name club has taken part in the competition, Scottish champions Celtic sent their youth team to the inaugural tournament back in 2017.

Grange native, Seamas Keogh, who is making good progress through the ranks of the Southampton academy, is delighted that his club is set to visit his home county: “I remember Celtic coming to the Super Cup a few years ago and thinking how great it was that such a big club would come to Sligo.

Now, my own club is going there and it’s really terrific. I’m sure they’ll be impressed with all Sligo has to offer and I’m equally confident the soccer public in Sligo will be impressed with Southampton’s young players,” Seamas said.

Next year’s competition will once again be held in The Showgrounds over the weekend of April 24/26th.

Donegal Schoolboys League are the current champions after beating Dublin District Schoolboys League in last years final.

Other confirmed teams confirmed for next years include Derby County, Aberdeen, Linfield ,Dublin District Schoolboys League, Mayo League and the hosts, Sligo/Leitrim.