Latest report shows house prices decrease in Leitrim and Donegal while they increased in Sligo

House prices have decreased in Counties Donegal and Leitrim while they have increased in Sligo.

That’s according to the latest 3rd Quarter Report.

The report found that the average price to buy a new home in Sligo has risen by 4% compared to this time last year and now costs an average of €145,000.

Compared to Donegal where prices have fallen by 2%, the average cost there is €141,000 while in Leitrim they have also fallen by 2% bringing the average price of a new home in the county to €129,000.

All three counties are below the national average of €257,000 while Leitrim is also consistently the cheapest county in the country.

The report also found that overall, prices increased by only 0.1%, which says effectively brings an end to six years of rising prices.

Brexit is the unknown variable in the coming months as across the border region, house prices are from 0.7% to 3.2% lower than what they were in 2018 and the North West region remains the cheapest area in the country.