Fourteen homes repossessed in the north west

District and Circuit Courts granted orders allowing permission to repossess 14 homes in Donegal and Leitrim during the first six months this year.

That’s according to details released under the Freedom of Information Act.

Eleven district and circuit court orders were granted for the possession of houses in Donegal, while three orders were granted in Leitrim, with none being granted in Sligo for the same period.

In Donegal, 22 Civil Bills were lodged, 16 were lodged in Leitrim and four in Sligo.

Throughout the country, ordered were granted in district and circuit courts for the possession of 290 homes from January to June.

48 orders were granted in Dublin, which was closely followed by Meath, where banks got the go-ahead to repossess 40 homes.

There were 30 granted in Cork, 20 in Kildare and 15 in Offaly.

The only county along with Sligo were banks didn’t get permission to possess homes was Kilkenny.

Land league campaigner Gerry O’Boyle says he’s not surprised by the statistics.