Sewage treatment plants the ultimate solution in dealing with seaside pollution

Councillors in north Sligo say the provision of new sewage treatment plants is the ultimate solution to preventing bans having to be imposed on bathing and swimming at popular seaside resorts.

It follows a prohibition on swimming and bathing having to be imposed yesterday at Rosses Point and Mullaghmore because of excess bacteria in the water.

It comes at the start of one of the busiest bank holiday weekends of the year for such coastal areas.

Sligo County Council says that in order to protect bathers’ health, it had to impose the restrictions.

There are hopes that the Prohibition Notices can be removed over the weekend but the council also says they will remain in place until it is proven there is no risk to bathers.

Although the likely cause of the increased bacteria levels are said to be unknown, they indicate faecal contamination, which can cause illness.

Sligo Fianna Fail Councillor Donal Gilroy says in both areas, there are what he described as ‘basically holding tanks’ for wastewater with ‘little or no treatment actually done.’

Cllr Gilroy is questioning how quickly progress will be made on the proposed treatment plant for Mullaghmore.

However, Independent Councillor Marie Casserly insists progress is on the way.