Reduction in speeding convictions in the north west

There has been a significant reduction in speeding convictions in Sligo and Donegal.

According to new figures the number of penalty points issued for speeding dropped in both counties over a three-year period.


In Sligo, there were 79 speeding convictions during 2016 compared to 47 last year.

While in Ballyshannon in Co Donegal the number of convictions more than halved from 20 to 9.

Latest official figures show speeding convictions have plunged in several parts of the country since 2016, with the overall trend showing a nationwide drop of almost 40 per cent.

However one part of Donegal bucked the national trend where the number of convictions increased from three to 13 in Buncrana.

Nationally, speeding convictions are down from 6,911 three years ago to 4,237 last year.

While thousands of motorists are convicted of speeding every year, tens of thousands more are issued with penalty points for the offence.

But there has also been a further decline in the number of penalty points issued.