Major agile innovation event planned for Sligo

Enterprise Ireland in Sligo are holding an Agile Innovation Event on Thursday next in the Radisson hotel in Sligo. The event will run from 8:30 am to 12 noon.


Its aim is to respond to threats and opportunities posed by Brexit demands innovation – products, services and processes need to be tailored and improved for international markets before opportunities are lost to the competition or to changing conditions.


Enterprise Ireland’s new Agile Innovation Fund allows companies to access up to 50 percent of in the support of Innovation projects with a total cost of up to 300,000 euro.


Finally for today, New one hundred and two hundred euro banknotes – the last in the Europa series – are being brought into circulation today.


They have a satellite hologram and an enhanced emerald number to make them more resistant to counterfeiting.


The notes from the first series will remain legal tender, but will gradually be withdrawn from circulation.