Stop littering in Bundoran — no ‘and, ifs . . . or butts’

A Donegal coastal town has come up with a novel way to get rid of cigarette butts.

And it gives smokers in Bundoran the opportunity to vote with their butts on some fun topics.

It’s part of a joint effort between the county council, Bundoran Tidy Towns and Discover Bundoran to reduce the number of cigarette butts in the seaside town, particularly along the beach front and on the beach itself.

To encourage this, two bright, yellow-coloured bins have been installed at the sea front; they’re known as ballot bins because they have two containers into which people may drop butts so as to vote on whether, for example, they prefer tea or coffee, or Poirot of Sherlock Holmes.

Bundoran Tourism Officer Shane Smyth has been telling Ocean FM News that flicking away a cigarette butt is the same as throwing away a sweet wrapper or other litter.