Tullan Strand plan: Start and finish dates awaited

A new plan has been drawn up to deal with the long running issue of access to Tullan Strand in south Donegal.

In the past there has been concern about access to the beach, including for emergency services.

But a new plan revealed at this morning’s meeting of councillors from Donegal Municipal District is expected to address that.

The issue of access to Tullan Strand, which is particularly popular with surfers, has been ongoing for about a decade.

The plan to finally deal with the long-running concerns was revealed at today’s meeting of councillors from the Donegal Municipal District in Donegal Town.

The plan will provide for safe pedestrian and emergency access to Tullan Strand, something for which various people and groups have long been looking for, including for emergency services.

It also includes toilets and outdoor shower facilities and storage facilities.

Councillors today welcomed the plan.

But some expressed concern that it did not include a start and finish date.

Some had expected the work to start this year but are now eager that it will be finished in time for the 2020 tourism season.

Independent Councillor Niamh Kennedy said she believes it will address long-running concerns about safe access.

After today’s meeting, Harry Keaney began by asking her if there was now, at last, a complete plan in place: